Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ovarian Cancer detection

I was reading the BBC News Site this morning and found this one about Ovarian Cancer. I for one am thrilled with this call for increased information about Ovarian Cancer and the undertaking of blood testing for those who display possible symptoms. Of course these are only guidelines set out by the NICE, but I really hope these are guidelines which are adopted.

Why am I so interested?
Mainly because I really think the NHS needs to be much more proactive about diagnosing cancer through patient information and early testing. But also because I've had the blood test to help rule out cancer in the dermoid mass on my ovary. It was found during infertility treatment and seemed to worry the specialists, although I was more interested in trying to become a mum than anything; and within a week I'd had a blood test and knew that it wasn't cancerous. I now have it re-run every few years to make sure nothing's changing with it and this provides me with huge relief about it's makeup and that if it did become cancerous it would be found early.

So now I'm off to email my MP and ask that the Department of Health brings into play the NICE guidelines and starts using the ovarian cancer blood test at the first display of possible symptoms, anyone joining me?

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