Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ice Cream Sundae Birthday

Have you seen today's Doodle for Google?
No, just look above.

It's certainly ice cream themed; but do you know why?
Well today is accepted as the birthday of the ice cream sundae, the 119th Birthday to be exact.

Of course it's all up for debate whether the first ice cream sundae was created on the 3rd April 1892 and it's a little too late now to ever know for sure, so we might as well celebrate today. Are you up for it?

So I'd like to know which ice cream sundae is your sundae of choice?
Mine is eton mess style with vanilla ice cream, meringue and strawberries.
Rachels is vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce and chocolate flake.


Frankie P said...

Hey Emma,

It has to be vanilla ice cream with a warm chocolate fudge sauce.....yum!

Sarah @ ExPat Bride said...

I saw that on google! My perfect sunday would be coffee ice cream, marshmallows, peanut better cups and caramel sauce!
And then I try and add some fruit to make myself feel better about it lol!

Emma Major said...

@Frankie - oh yum, is 9.30am too early to try that?

@Sarah@expat bride - I'm allergic to nuts but apart from that I'm with you all the way.