Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Celebrity vs Normal

Have you seen this news about Suri Cruise's planned £13,000 birthday party?


I am currently planning Rachel's 6th Birthday Party to her own very particular requirements, with a budget of £130. That means that Rachel's birthday budget is about 1% of Suri Cruise's birthday budget.

So how about we do a compare and contrast, here goes.

Rachel: High School Musical 3
Suri: Circus

Big Impact Items:
Rachel: large cut outs of Gabriella and Troy
Suri: giraffes and elephants (and associated poo!)

Rachel: local church hall
Suri: back garden (of a huge mansion in Beverley Hills)

Rachel: mummy controlling clips of HSM3, playing music and running party games
Suri: professional actors

Top guests:
Rachel: about 30 of her class mates and friends
Suri: who knows, the sky's the limit, but they'll all be ab fab darling

Rachel: traditional sandwiches and crisps and grapes and cakes, all made by me
Suri: catered by someone spectacular I'm sure

Rachel: our own design
Suri: a professionally designed and produced masterpiece

So which would you prefer?
I know my choice, and I know Rachel's choice too, I wouldn't swop places for the world.

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Mari's World said...

I'd go for Rachel's birthday anyday. You know i do feel sorry for Suri in a way, she'll never know what a normal childhood is and I get the feelign she'll grow up to be one of those people I despise, I hope I am wrong!