Thursday, 7 April 2011

Metal Mummy's Movie Meme 1980s

This week Metal Mummy is hosting a movie meme on the 1980s; a decade I love, on a subject I love, how could I not join in.

Here are her rules "What’s your favourite film from this decade? Is it a comedy? A Brat-Pack? A horror? You can write about whatever film you want, no matter the genre."

And now I'm stuck, there are just far too many to choose from, but choose I must. To help me narrow down the field I decided to select a film which Rachel has watched and loves, which has the benefit of then getting her opinion.

The Land Before Time

We bought Rachel the DVD box set of The Land Before Time about 2 years ago, she was massively into dinosaurs and I remembered the films being really lovely. She immediately loved them and it brought back all the great memories for me.

Don't get me wrong, the films are no masterpieces, certainly not when watching 30 years later! But they have a charm all of their own and what makes them fantastic are the characters which you immediately like and want to follow on their journeys.

If you haven't watched The Land Before Time with your kids then you're missing out (and depriving them). Go on, get it this weekend and watch it together.


Metal Mummy said...

I. Still. Adore. This. Film.

I love your choice. Brings back many happy memories! x

PENGUIN73 said...

My little sister loved this movie! May have to buy it now for Esther and William x

sasha said...

I love this movie! Nice blog!


Frankie P said...

Good choice, my little boys love watching this x