Saturday, 9 April 2011

A day in life of a 5 year old

When in the care of their dad. This is as told to me by Rachel when I got home at 6pm, enjoy :)

I woke up and cuddled you before you went out and jumped on daddy but he told me he was asleep.

I got dressed in my party clothes and daddy was still in bed.

Daddy eventually got out of bed, it took him aaagggeeeessss.

We had breakfast. I had a mixture of cornflakes, wheetos and cheerios.

I got the birthday present ready and daddy helped me wrap it and I wrote the card.

We went to the party and had loads of fun, loads of people from school were there. Daddy didn't win our race down the slides.

I thought you'd be home after lunch but you weren't and I missed you.

But daddy let me watch art attack and deadly art and that was ok.

Then I scootered to the park.

Then we came home for a drink and got bread and we went to the lake to feed the ducks. There were big fish eating the bread and there was a swan.

Then we came home and you made us jump because you were home.

Now I'm telling you this and eating a sandwich and then we'll play crazy eights.

Can we play crazy eights now?

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