Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter egg hunt

Today I will host an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the close and some of Rachel's other friends, twelve kids in total I'm expecting.  I must be mad, Or I'm still a big kid; take your pick.  I can't wait, I think I'm almost as excited as Rachel in fact.  It's the joy of being able to get families together and celebrate Easter, especially in all this sunshine we've got.

Now don't get all over-impressed and think I'm a kids party planner extraordinaire, I'm not.  Although I do love planning; any excuse and all that.  This is nothing complicated; just homemade masks, baskets and a few signs, a stash of eggs and the vital ingredient: super excited kids!

So if you fancy doing the same, heres the equipment and eggs we are using:
- Easter eggs - small
- Easter eggs - tiny
- Easter chicks
- 6 locations hidden but not impossibly
- A few cardboard signs with clues
- A mask for each child - they'll make their own before they start
- a homemade basket for each child
- a few willing adults to shepherd and break up any arguments over eggs

Oh and my top tips from previous experiences with under 7 year olds.  Have a few locations which each have one type/size of egg.  The rules are then simple; find the stash and quietly put ONE in your basket.  Yes, I prefer to avoid the tears when all the eggs are found by only the oldest egg-hunters.

Watch this space for photos after the event. Happy Easter everyone.


Karen said...

I'm doing one with the kids tomorrow. They have varying egg gifts from family and friends, so I've written their names on their boxes. If they find a box that doesn't belong to them, they have to keep the location secret and not tell that person, then go on to look for their own. So much fun! I hope you have a wonderful time with the kids doing your egg hunt. x

mum in meltdown said...

I still hide the easter eggs and my boys are 13 and 10!! They obviously know it's us and not the easter bunny but they still love to wake up to their Easter gift bag to go and find lots of eggs and treats!! Have fun x

Artoo said...

Have fun! My Mum is putting together a small egg hunt in her garden for the kids, so I haven't had to do any planning thank goodness :)